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At R/GA, we are dedicated to cultivating a workplace that celebrates human diversity. We understand that each individual brings a unique perspective shaped by their personal values and experiences. Our commitment to inclusion and diversity drives us to create an environment where every voice is heard and valued.

Transparency and accountability are at the core of our efforts to build a fair and equitable workplace. We integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion into every aspect of our operations, from our daily practices to how we support our team members. Our goal is to foster a sense of belonging where everyone can bring their authentic selves to work and thrive.

Achieving our diversity, equity, and inclusion goals is a collective responsibility. We recognize that progress requires active participation from all members of the R/GA community. This may involve engaging in difficult conversations, expanding our cultural awareness, and embracing new perspectives.

Through workshops and initiatives focusing on inclusive leadership and cultural competency, we empower our team members to leverage diversity as a catalyst for innovation and collaboration. By sharing stories and experiences, we learn from one another’s backgrounds, both locally and globally, to enhance our cultural intelligence and foster a more inclusive workplace culture.



Our employee database system currently only allows for male/female identity designation. We are in the process of updating it to reflect additional gender identities.

Key Takeaways:
At the end of 2023, US Gender representation at R/GA shows female talent at 58.3% and male talent at 41.7%, representing a slight uptick in the proportion of female talent since our last report.

In the second half of 2023, our percentage of female hires exceeded male hires with 72.7% of new hires identifying as female and 27.3% identifying as male, contributing to the increase in female representation.


In this report, we focus on emerging trends for BIPOC talent in the United States. We look at historical trends for a longitudinal view.

US 2023 H2 Stats
US Total Representation

Key Takeaways:
Since 2018, BIPOC representation at R/GA in the US has increased by close to three percentage points. As of December 2023, 38.2% of talent identified as BIPOC and 61.8% of talent identified as White.

US 2023 H2 Stats
US Leadership Race/Ethnicity Representation

Key Takeaways:
As of December 2023, 37.8% of US leaders identified as BIPOC and 62.2% identified as White. Since our last report, Black representation at the US leadership level increased to 24.3%, decreased for Asian to 8.7% and remained flat for Latine and Two or More Races groups.

Asian Representation

Key Takeaways:
The percentage of Asian talent in the US decreased from 11.8% in 2022 to 10.4% in 2023.

Since 2018, the share of Asian talent has been declining. This is a trend we have been working to address and is an area of focus for US leadership.

Black Representation

Key Takeaways:
Since 2018 Black representation has nearly doubled for R/GA US. This increase demonstrates our efforts to hire and retain Black talent.

Latine Representation

Key Takeaways:
Latine representation has remained relatively flat. The percentage of Latine talent as of December 2023 was 10.2%.


A pillar of our Make/Change strategy is to continue creating an environment where people feel they belong, and are enabled to be themselves and do the best work of their careers. An inclusive culture empowers diverse teams to be more productive, make better decisions, and innovate together (Source: Korn Ferry). This is why we must continue to strive to be a place where diversity is enabled.

In 2023, we dedicated our efforts towards developing cultural intelligence to understand and empathize with our coworkers across a variety of cultures within their own country and throughout the world. Some examples of our programming include:

  • Mentorship: A new program for junior and mid-level talent that strives to connect people across our network and foster inclusion through the sharing of perspectives and experiences.
  • Cultural Intelligence Workshops: Various workshops focused on cultural dimensions that focus on inclusive leadership, leveraging cultural differences as assets of innovation and team effectiveness across our global network.
  • Fireside Chats: Conversations organized by our Culture Collectives that explored perspectives on belonging, experiences in the workplace, managing mental health, perseverance, and intersectionality.

At R/GA, we define inclusion as the level of belonging, fair treatment, integration of differences, psychological safety, and trust a person feels for the place they work. We measured this using our Inclusion Index within our 2023 US Engagement Survey which was facilitated by Culture Amp to maintain confidentiality. We’re proud to say our US BIPOC talent continues to feel they can be their authentic selves at work and that they feel their managers care for their wellbeing. Additionally, R/GAers feel their teams have a culture in which employees appreciate the differences that people bring to the workplace. It’s this type of environment that lends to psychologically safe working conditions and relationships.


At R/GA we are committed to always improving ourselves individually and as an agency. We believe in progress over perfection. Therefore, in 2024 we plan to continue:

  • Leveraging our /Associates program to increase representation.
  • Sustaining our long-term strategy focused on sourcing and inclusive hiring processes by partnering with institutions serving historically excluded groups to amplify hiring that includes 4A’s, the American Advertising Federation, and the T. Howard Foundation, Boyd Initiative, Out in Tech, and #hireblack.
  • Promoting greater career growth and advocacy for developmental opportunities with workshops for managers focused on continuous feedback and crafting development plans as well as goal-setting training with all of our people.
  • Expanding our mentorship program to create global connections for greater cultural understanding, broader networks, and opportunities for new and innovative thinking.
  • Supporting our Culture Collectives (BRGs): Asian Voices (AV), Black Employee Network (BEN), Kareem, LGBTQ+, Somos and Woman/Up to continue to move the needle for culture at R/GA.
  • Providing opportunities for R/GAers to explore the power of developing their cultural intelligence through our key relationships with Executive Coaches, Facilitators, and Inclusion Experts on cultural intelligence and inclusive leadership.
  • Educating our people on the value of neurodiversity as a strength within our creative business and how to create a supportive environment for everyone to contribute to their potential.
  • Continuing to identify opportunities to support clients with their DEI goals and projects, driving the business forward through enhanced synergies.




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