Mox Bank: Treating Customers as People, Not Data

Can a numberless bank card — the first of its kind in Asia — make people’s daily lives easier and more secure? That’s just one of the fresh ideas by Mox, a new virtual bank brand that just launched in Hong Kong. A partnership between Standard Chartered Bank, PCCW, HKT and, Mox aims to transform how digital-first banking customers, dubbed Generation Mox, can live their lives more seamlessly.

“When we look at the new generation, they are fully connected,” as Mox CEO Deniz Güven explains on the FutureVision Conversations podcast.

To better understand the personal financial needs (and frustrations) of people, more than 2,000 Hong Kong residents shared what they needed in a modern, mobile-first banking service — along with 87 different pain points impeding their current banking experience.

Those insights laid the foundation for Mox to create (with R/GA as its partner) a seamless digital banking service tailor-made for “Generation Mox” — refreshingly described by Güven as “mainly an attitude… you can be 18 or 80.”

As Güven tells Tuomas Peltoniemi, EVP and Managing Director of R/GA Asia-Pacific, the Mox user experience is designed to make mobile banking simple, intuitive and delightful — and create a new operating model and way forward for customers.

With a new generation of customers consuming banking in an entirely different way, Mox made it a point to enable its users to have a more human approach to money by seamlessly weaving banking into people’s everyday lives.

To find out more tune into our latest FutureVision podcast, where Güven shares with Peltoniemi how the recently launched brand is already transforming banking for a mobile-first era.

This podcast was originally published on FutureVision Conversations is R/GA’s weekly podcast about how brands and marketers can create a more human future. Click here for previous podcasts.



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