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As a return to offices becomes possible in many parts of the world, companies are facing a decision on how to approach the future of work. Many, it seems, want to return to the past.

Employees in this industry and others have been vocal about their need for greater flexibility after a year that has disproved myths about remote productivity. At R/GA, we take that seriously. …

Around a year ago, we made a commitment to accountability with the first in a series of quarterly reports comprised of data representing the gender and racial diversity of R/GA’s U.S. population.

We were transparent that the data we shared at the time largely represented a failure to adequately attract, develop and empower people of color, and Black people in particular, to thrive and lead at R/GA. At the time of the release of the initial Make / Change report we made it equally clear that accountability was not itself a strategy for change. To that end, we introduced a…

Last year R/GA committed to sharing quarterly updates of our diversity data along with the initiatives we’ve adopted to improve upon it and become a permanently equitable workplace. We remain steadfast in this commitment and are excited to share updates since we last released our numbers in November.

The world is still battling Covid and our business is no exception. We consider ourselves lucky that through the uproar of the pandemic, we were still able to reward our talent for their hard work and commitment to R/GA. During our October promotion cycle, 37.3% (+8.7% pts YOY) of the total promotions…

In July 2020, we published our US diversity data for the first time, along with a commitment to revisit the data every three months. Since then, we’ve also published our strategy for the creation of equity at R/GA, Make / Change.

New York, NY, November 2, 2020 — A COVID year is a strange year to be looking at changes in employee data, as the pandemic has forced both delayed promotion cycles and restructuring of workforces, including ours. As a result, the quantitative data representing the race, ethnicity, and gender of our employee base shows little movement between May and October, with a couple of exceptions which you will see below.

By the end of October 2020, we’ll have completed our round of promotion cycles, and early indications are that we’ll see a lot more progress. …

Immersive storytelling, customer-centricity, and smarter programming are just the beginning

By Nicolás Rodríguez

OpenAI, the San Francisco-based AI lab, just released the third iteration of its GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) model, or GPT-3 for short. After investing around $4.6 million, the program has shaken up every corner of the Internet, generating a mix of excitement and trepidation. But what is GPT-3, exactly?

Generally speaking, it’s a language model based on automated learning, predicting word(s) based on a certain entry or text, building on what it has learned from previous data. This learning process, called training, is focused on “feeding” the…

By Pablo Muñoz, R/GA Buenos Aires, Business Development Director

The rise of digital technologies marked the beginning of a Third Industrial Revolution. Interactions among users and platforms that take place in an instant have opened opportunities for innovation that were unthinkable just a few years ago. Humanity has previously gone through similar periods of radical change, with the First and Second Industrial Revolutions ushering in standardized processes, new machinery, and newer sources of energy that enabled the manufacture of goods with a scale and efficiency never seen before.

The connectivity brought about by the digital transformation era demanded rethinking business…

Two months ago, we started breaking and remaking our culture to make R/GA a place in which everyone can succeed, regardless of race or ethnicity.

Rather than rushing to put out a series of arbitrary pledges, we wanted to understand the nature of our own problem, so we did what we would do for any strategic project. We listened; we researched; and we looked for opportunities and behaviors that would give us the best chance of success.

We’re publishing our strategy here, in case other companies want to use it to accelerate their own path towards an anti-racist culture. Of note: it’s a strategy and not a success story, as we have a lot of work to do.

However, this has gone on long enough…

How regional banks can win with a people-first philosophy

Regional banks with consumer-facing retail products are experiencing an existential crisis. Exacerbated by the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, the industry has quickly moved into a technology-enabled, virtually-mediated world pitting regional banks against banking organizations of all sizes — from well-capitalized national competitors through to tech-savvy digital upstarts.

R/GA conducted a study of 6,000+ US banking consumers to uncover growth opportunities for regional banks. We discovered most retail banks (national, digital, and regional) are focused on convenience — in fact, all three bank types are at parity in this respect.

However, only 26% of regional bank customers feel their bank…

In the maelstrom that is 2020, media teams are facing enormous pressure to do more with less to help brands stay relevant, nimble and engaging. All of this at a time when consumers are adapting to new norms and also challenging brands to be transparent about their values, policies and actions.

While “our crisis habits have prompted some permanent shifts in behavior… the traditional ways of interacting and transacting are being completely redefined. …

Can a numberless bank card — the first of its kind in Asia — make people’s daily lives easier and more secure? That’s just one of the fresh ideas by Mox, a new virtual bank brand that just launched in Hong Kong. A partnership between Standard Chartered Bank, PCCW, HKT and, Mox aims to transform how digital-first banking customers, dubbed Generation Mox, can live their lives more seamlessly.

“When we look at the new generation, they are fully connected,” as Mox CEO Deniz Güven explains on the FutureVision Conversations podcast.

To better understand the personal financial needs (and…


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